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Waymon was born in New York City, later educated in Montreal and a Hollywood transplant. 


The son of a 70's Disco singer, Waymon first came roaring on the public scene as the lead singer/guitarist of a rock/alt band. Releasing albums on Sony Records and touring the globe with stops on The Tonight Show and Late Show along the way. 

Later becoming a full time Director and Writer building his own film studio and production company Genetic Code Pictures where he first started directing music videos and commercials. 

He then wrote and directed his first feature The Devils In the Details that starred Ray Liotta (Goodfellas, Hannibal) which he also sold at Cannes. 

He traveled the world directing the highly successful documentary The Abundance Factor, filming some of the top entrepreneurs in the business. 

Co-writing the feature My Daddy's in Heaven starring Corbin Bernson (The Punisher, Psych) and Jenn Gotzon (God is not dead, Frost Nixon) Based on a book.

He wrote and directed for the television series  "Falling For Angels" for the HereTv Network. Touring the globe a second time for the release of the documentary Age of the Entrepreneur. 

Recently releasing the family drama Sunrise In Heaven starring Corbin Bernson and Dee Wallace (Supernatural, ET) 

Releasing the horror/thriller he co-wrote called Apparition starring Kevin Pollak (A Few Good Men, The Usual Suspects) and Mena Suvari (American Beauty, American Pie.)

2024 saw the release of the Amazon Prime / HereTv Network television series that Waymon both Wrote & Directed called  "Turning Teddy" which was renewed for a season 2!

A soon to be announced movie Waymon will be directing in the summer.

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